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Can we just pause for a moment
and take a deep breath
because I am on the same list as Cumberbuddy
aka wanton sex goddess (with a very bad [Pocket]Batch between her thighs)
whom I adore for her dirty, dirty comments.

Ok. I just wanted this moment to be commemorated somehow.
Carry on, as you were.
+100000 if you caught the Bridget Jones reference. I love you.

Haha yes, Bridget Jones reference observed and understood ;)
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    But I am both BLIND and STUPID. Thus didn’t see it.
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    you’re all nutters, the bloody lot of you. i did this on friday you crazy idiots!
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    What the douche, THIS IS AWESOME. I L U, Rachel.
  4. fridafrag said: awwwwwwww thank you, love! xoxoxoxo