the only computer game i have ever completed was "beautiful katamari"







He’s got holes in his socks and they’re too small (look at where his heel should be… and look where it is). Also cardigan

Surely he wouldn’t buy socks which are too small for him, so this leads me to believe they are the school socks he talks about still owning in the Great Game commentary. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this…

Given the holes in them, you’re probably right. they’re grey too, which makes sense for school socks. oh Benedict you adorable idiot.

That awkward moment when I can wear my socks for less than a year before they are so ruined I need to toss them and Benedict apparently wears his socks for 20 years… 

This kind of stuff. This is why we need season 3.
We’re deducing how long Benedict has had a pair of socks. 

Dat ass

oh god i started this off :/

you little poser

i’m crying i am actually crying
there are tears coming out of my face
fucking hell benedict oh my god

My personal favourite image to come out of today.
I just cannot function. Im in a ball of dead. I really am. Dont even come for help, this is like, EUPHORIA.

I can’t stop myself from grinning back at this photo, hahaha. He looks rested and happy and HIS HAIR OH MY GOD and why didn’t they leave his hair like that? Sex hair would so have worked with the dressing gown.
This cheeky little look up at the camera, though. How are you 36 in a month, you flawless idiot?

This has an UNF rating of 1,000,000,000. The way he holds his breath and ugh. How damn sexy is that, Benedict!? 

jesus fuck ben CONTROL YOURSELF

*swooping in briefly*
Filenames, as requested. No accompanying pictures because the folder’s so big now, haha. 
*swishes out*
(new admin add: I like how shoes is in its own folder……hehehehe) 

I have to entertain myself somehow!

@theoodcast: Karen just explained Inspector Spacetime to Moffat. His response “Let’s take the rip out of THEM on OUR show.” #DoctorWho #Community #dwcuk

this has to happen
i didn’t know i wanted it. but i do. FOUR FOR YOU, KAREN GILLAN.