the only computer game i have ever completed was "beautiful katamari"

I accidentally a Benedict

Anonymous said: How much do you love Benedict Cumberbatch on a scale of 1-10?


"What does that even fucking mean? I have a terrible wardrobe."

Benedict being told he was trending on Twitter [X] (via cumberbuddy)

It’s ok boo, I’m still here for u

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Benedict Cumberbatch has a tasty face, pass it on.

also just a thought but maybe the reason sherlock ushered his parents out of the room so quickly was that when he does speak to them on the phone, he tells them all about his new best friend john and all the fun things they do together and sherlock doesn’t want to be embarrased by them fawning over the one person who has given their son a heart

finally i can talk about the bfi preview

if you’re on tumblr, i’m guessing you have finally watched the episode.

being an existing member, i was lucky enough to get tickets to the bfi preview of “the empty hearse”. our seats were right at the back, but NFT1 is a fairly small auditorium, and so our view was fine (when the girl in front of us FINALLY PUT HER IPAD AWAY, ahem). andrew scott walked past us to get to his seat, and kindly signed a few things for people a few rows in front. 

experiencing the episode in a room full of fans was amazing. there was a mix of press, cast/crew and members of the public (we were sitting near jonathan ross and jane goldman, as well as some bbc entertainment reporters), and everyone was as enthusiastic as each other. i really wish that seeing it in public was a “thing”, because being able to hear everyone else gasp (the molly/sherlock kiss), laugh (every reference to john’s awful moustache) or clap (the serbian mycroft/sherlock reveal, or benedict’s parents as mr and mrs holmes) was fantastic. 

overall, i loved the episode. it was a great return to the series after such a long hiatus, and a lovely way to ease us all back in. i personally appreciated the character focus as opposed to the plot/case focus.

enough has been said about the q&a section that i am not going to mention it, there’s no point, and the main focus of the afternoon for me was the episode anyway. it has been supremely difficult keeping quiet on the spoiler front, especially as we watched it with two people who hadn’t seen it yet. but we manage to keep silent throughout the first viewing (we rewatched immediately, because of course).


can we talk about how my friend sent me a picture of one of his old acting teachers and i almost died

aww Bless :)

Sherlock Holmes: We All Make Mistakes



So let’s have a little talk about a person that many of us may know. This is not a hate post but instead a reality check. Let me tell you guys something. If you haven’t noticed by now, I do not stand for hate and abuse and will fire at anyone who does so. I’m basically a bully for bullies.


I just want to say what an absolute hero and inspiration you are for writing that blog post. History is littered with so-called heroes and beacons for society - Martin Luther King, Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, Mandela… I think when they write the history of the 21st century I strongly believe that you writing a semi-literate post about a several-word-long tweet will be held up as an example of true courage. A lone voice in the war against online bullying.

That Cumberbuddy is a piece of work. Pol Pot and Stalin brutalised their own people but this bitch used the C word. On her own twitter. Not only did she do that but she specifically linked to the girl’s Tumblr and said “minions, ATTACK.” They did - in droves. This girl didn’t even commit the entry level requirement to be disagreeable (i.e. first degree murder).

I heard this girl had to log off for a bit and cry before doing something else. Unspeakable evil. Cumberbuddy is one to talk anyway - being born in the same country as Benedict? Slightly creepy and stalkerish behaviour right there. At least the rest of us have the decency to be born in places like INDONESIA. What a hypocrite.

And the UN and Western world are concerning themselves with Al-Assad allegedly using Sarin gas on his own people? Er yeah assholes there’s not even any proof. At least you bothered to screencap Cumberbuddy. But they’re not going to drone strike her anytime soon as Kent doesn’t have any oil. Typical conservative hawks huh?

What impresses me the most is your steadfast, unwavering belief in what you stand for. Not once did you attack that vile lot on Twitter by calling them stupid, idiots or mentally challenged. I was constantly refreshing Twitter (I press F5 but am aware there’s an easier way - guys?) to make sure you truly were fully engaged with what you were fighting for. It became clear that you are unbreakable in your vision. Man, I thought the Chinese student protests in Tiananman Square were brave but you? You’re a saint.

You speak where the rest of us are silent. To paraphrase the pastor Martin Niemöller: “first they came for the unhinged fangirls, and I did not speak out because I’m not an unhinged fangirl”. But who’s going to speak out for us ordinary netizens when Cumberbuddy terrorises us and calls us names? Thank God we have you.

I hope the anons you’re getting from right minded Internet folk, who are in no way yourself, reassure you that you’re on the righteous path. I know you wanted to keep your bravery and heroism silent because you are modest and humble but by displaying your asks on your blog you demonstrate how approachable you are to the terrified and tormented. I know that would have been difficult for you to post praise, as it goes against your admirable humility. Wow. Two struggles in as many days; I pray to one day have half your strength.

Thank you again - keep fighting for what you fight for.

Preach it sister

I love it when famous people fangirl/boy over Benedict. And yes, Caitlin, he is the loveliest boy ever.

mary & sue: Mary & Sues'Guide to... Fanfiction Benedict vs Real Life Benedict


I know that we have discussed Mr Cumberbatch before now, but I think it’s probably prudent to give him his own post. He likes to see his name in lights, after all, and I think he will have felt a little left out when Mary Sue got top billing. So here, I present to you a little something I like to…

Hahaha :)

mary & sue: Mary & Sues' Guide to Mary Sues


Benedict Cumberbatch is a God amongst men. He doesn’t walk the earth, he glides effortlessly amongst us mere mortals, his cheekbones clearing his way, gleaming in the sunlight. But he has a flaw. Alone, childless, and incapable of finding a shag, Fanfiction Benedict needs a woman. There’s only…

By popular demand - Star Trek Interviews Cumberbingo card 2! Now you can play against a friend! 

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